Quality is not an option, but a necessity. For a company to survive and thrive in an environment of global competition, that company must provide a level of customer satisfaction that will lead to customer loyalty. However, it is impossible to achieve customer loyalty without first providing a quality of service that will ensure total customer satisfaction.


By using Total Quality Management techniques, we can locate waste, identify its causes and eliminate it. A good example of waste is rework, which is often more costly than doing the job right in the first place. A common business concept is known as the “1-10-100 Rule”. If it takes one unit of costs or effort to complete a job correctly, it will take 10 times more effort to correct an error before it reaches the customer. And once it has reached the customer, it will take 100 times more the cost and effort to correct the situation, not to mention the loss of customer goodwill.

Our primary objectives are to promote Total Quality Management and to maintain our success through constant dedication, innovation and ongoing investment in quality services.


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